Sayon Camara West African Drumming & Dancing Workshop In Midcoast Maine, May 19th, 20th & 21st, 2017

sayon-camaraSayon and Lev will be here, in Woolwich, ME, for three wonderful days of joyous, West African drumming, May 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2017. Friday and Saturday will be both djembe and dunun workshops, and on Sunday Sayon will teach a rhythm for the first two hours and then Lev will teach the corresponding dance for the final hour. The dance moves will be traditional dance steps, taken right from Sayon’s village, Kouya Sidia. Drummers who participated in the drumming portion of class are invited to play for the dancers. If you would like to drum and dance, you are encouraged to learn the steps, do some dancing, and then step out for a moment and join the drummers, or continue dancing for the whole hour if you choose. As usual, this class will be a relaxed and flexible one.

All playing, dancing and experience levels, from beginner through advanced, are welcome to these workshops!

Register directly on-line or by phone: 207-464-0004.


When: Friday, May 19th, 6pm-8pm; Saturday, May 20th, 12 noon-4pm; Sunday, May 21st Drum & Dance Class, 12 noon-3pm
Where: The music room of the Woolwich Central School, 137 Nequasset Road, Woolwich, ME (only 7 minutes from Resounding Rhythms, heading towards Bath, ME.)
What to bring: your djembe, recording device, notebook, water and comfortable workout clothes or African-inspired dance wear, for the dance class on Sunday.

We will have dunun to play, however, if you happen to have dunun that you’d like to bring, they are always appreciated.

There will be a 5 minute break on Friday night, a longer break on Saturday, and a short break between the drum and dance classes on Sunday. You are welcome to bring a brown bag snack/lunch and beverage on Saturday, and a snack and beverage on Sunday.


Friday, May 19th, 2017, 6pm to 8pm, Drum Workshop
Early Bird Special till May 7th: $35
Regular Price after May 7th: $40
At the Door: $45

Saturday, May 20th, 2017, 12 noon to 4pm, Drum Workshop
Early Bird Special till May 7th: $65
Regular Price after May 7th: $75
At the Door: $85

Sunday, May 21st, 2017, 12 noon to 3PM, Drum and Dance Workshop
Early Bird Special till May 7th - drumming & dancing: $45
Regular Price after May 7th- drumming & dancing: $50
At the Door drumming & dancing: $55

Dance Only - Sunday, May 21st, 2017 2pm-3pm
Early Bird Special till May 7th - dance only: $10
Regular Price after May 7th- dance only: $15
At the Door dance only: $20


May 19th & May 20th, 2017, Fri & Sat drumming workshops only
Early Bird Special till May 7th: $90
Regular Price: $105

All Workshops Package Price:
Fri-Sun, May 19th, 20th & 21st: 2 Drum Workshops + 1 Drum/Dance Workshop
Early Bird: $130
Regular: $150


Sayon is a West African drumming master with the rare gifts of kindness, emotional warmth, and clarity-of-purpose. He lovingly shares the rich culture of the drum, and the music and song from the Sankaran region of Guinea. With an amazing 14 year apprenticeship to world renowned Famoudou Konate, during which Sayon was a member of Famoudou’s Hamana Foli Kan ensemble along with Billy Konate, Nansady Keita and others, Sayon is honored to think of Famoudou as his drum father. Sayon's impeccable sense of musical time, his mastery of Guinean melody on dunun, and his sound on the djembe that is as clear as a bell, make him an excellent teacher for advanced and beginning students alike.

For more info on Sayon, please visit:


Lev is incredibly passionate about dance. When asked, she states emphatically, “I love to dance!” After studying many dance forms throughout her life, Lev came to West African dance in 2008. She started her West African journey, studying with Famoudou Konate’s daughters, Diaka and Koria Konate, Famoudou's daughter-in-law, Sire Diallo, and the legendary Fanta Korosi, a well respected and much loved griot, dancer, and one of the earliest Guinean dancers to be involved in West African theatrical productions of dance. Currently, Lev’s main focus of interest is the traditional village dances of the Sankaran Malinke people of Guinea. When she travels to Guinea, she studies with Saran Conde of Kouroussa, Guinea, a dancer of unparalleled dignity, grace and joy, who dances with Ballet Africans. Lev strives to honor the traditions of Guinean dance as shown to her and hopes to lovingly bring the full spirit that Malinke village dance embodies, to her students.

PLEASE NOTE - These workshops will NOT be held at the Resounding Rhythms Studio. They will be held in the music room of the Woolwich Central School, 137 Nequasset Road, Woolwich, ME. This is 7 minutes from our studio in Wiscasset, heading towards Bath, ME. From the Brunswick area, it is only 6 minutes from the Bath bridge, as you head to Woolwich.

For more information or to register via phone, call us at 207-464-0004.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Event date 05/19/2017
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Location Woolwich Central School
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