About Resounding Rhythms

Barbara vanBokBarbara vanBok

Eric vanBokEric vanBok

Barbara and Eric vanBok are true enthusiasts for the drumming culture of West Africa, specifically from Guinea. After years of study with the Boston based The DrumConnection, and ongoing workshops with the Taketina Method, they moved to Midcoast Maine. In February of 2006, Barbara and Eric started co-teaching West African ensemble drumming to the Midcoast Maine area, first as The DrumConnection Maine and then as Resounding Rhythms: Drums of West Africa.

Barbara and Eric's classes are energetic and fun, with a strong focus on proper technique and the teaching of complete West African rhythms. They enjoy focusing on the true ensemble experience in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, as that is how the music is meant to be played and enjoyed.

Barbara and Eric are on-going students of:

  • Sayon Camara, West African Djembe Master, now living in Vermont.
  • Famoudou Konaté, West African Djembe Master and living legend.
  • Mamady Keita, West African Djembe Master and considered the most prolific djembe master in the world.
  • Mamady "Wadaba" Kourouma, West African Djembe Master, now living in California.
  • Billy Nankouma Konaté, son of Famoudou Konaté. A wonderful drummer and teacher.
  • Reinhard Flatischler, world re-known musician, rhythm teacher and founder of the Ta-Ke-Ti-Na Method.
  • Greg Burrows and Elaine Fong, teachers of the Ta-Ke-Ti-Na Method.

Barbara attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She was in the degree program for Audio Engineering and Music Production with a minor in voice performance and vocal technique.

Eric attended Florida Tech, where he earned his BS in Computer Science. He is a 17 year veteran of the computer industry with a range of experience in many aspects of the Information Technology field.